Mens Pocketed 34" LavaLava


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Mens pocket lavalava or Ie Faitaga.

Pockets on both sides.

Ties on both sides.

100% polyester fabric.

All size have the same length 34 inch / 86 cm. This length is usually refered as the long length, we do stock the noraml length which is the 30 inch Lavalava.

Made in China


Waist Sizes

Size Medium

Fits 32-34 inch waist


Size Large

Fits 36-38 inch waist


Size XL

Fits 40-42 inch waist


Size 2XL

Fits 44-46 inch waist


Size 3XL

Fits 48-50 inch waist


Size 4XL

Fits 52-54 inch waist


Size 5XL

Fits 56-58 inch waist